Japan! Japan!

4 Feb

So for my birthday, along with a super surprise party the husband surprised me with…a 10-day trip to Japan!!

He was so cute when he gave me my present. And I was so dumbstruck that it took me 5 minutes before I realized what the heck was happening. I didn’t expect anything from him aside from the gourmet dinner on the night of my birthday and the surprise party. For the party, he went all over Paris with his supermarket caddy just to get me balut, sinigang, and cassava cake. Effort kung effort ito.

But then in front of everyone, he gave me a small bag. And in it was a Lonely Planet Japan book. Okay, so something should have beeped in my brain then but due to excessive alcohol intake, nothing happened. With it was a japanese printout with “Free Kansai trip” on it and xc-san and greg-san characters.

xc: Uhhhhmmm…thanks, I guess. What’s a Kansai?

A map of the Kansai (or Kinki) region.

Image via Wikipedia

Slow much? After the normal 5 minute xc reaction time I finally got it!!

I’m really off to Japan!!!

And now most of the preps are done. We’ve booked the hotels and I have my visa. Awesome!

Now if only I can sit still for 4 more weeks…

ps – I’ll let you know about the visa requirements, etc on a future post.

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