L’Occitane’s 100% Shea Butter

3 Feb

Winter is such a drag. Everything’s gloomy and drab. Dry skin, cracked lips, unmanageable hair.  One good solution for all these 3 problems is L’Occitane’s 100% Shea Butter balm.


I use a couple of L’Occitane products and this is one of my favorites. I initially bought this small 8ml pot as lip balm. The small chic aluminum container is very handy even if you have a small bag. It’s perfect for travelling. When you first open it, the texture is like wax: very hard. But after rubbing your finger on it or getting a bit and rubbing it on your palm before applying it becomes very light and easy to apply.

It’s also very useful for dry spots on hands for example. Or on the nose after all the sneezing and tissue irritations. I read in a magazine that some hair stylists dabs just a bit of this on the ends of the model’s hair to moisturize and style at the same time. I haven’t tried using this that way yet since I have the shea butter hair cream too.

All in all, this is a very good product. Although 5€ for an 8ml pot is a bit pricey I’d say it’s worth the money. Despite the harsh winter winds my lips are crack free and as soft as a baby’s bum. Plus it lasts for a long time. A soaring 5/5 in my rate book.




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