Blogging from IPhone

12 Dec

It’s 9 am on a Sunday. And yes I am blogging.

It’s the Corrida de Noel today and the Santa Claus disguised runners will be running around town today. The Corrida is a tradition in Issy Les Moulineaux. A few weekends before Christmas, the town organises this sort of fun run. People from all ages all run around town in 5 degree weather pretending to be Santa Claus or reindeers or even Christmas trees and gingerbread men. It’s actually a cool thing to watch…when you want to.

But me, I don’t really have a choice. Every year for the corrida, a band sets themselves up at the small plaza right in front of our building. Sure it helps with the festivities but it’s not very festive to wake up at 9 am after a long Saturday night.

So here I am in bed. Wide awake while the husband is soundly sleeping, which by the way is very surprising since he’s a lighter sleeper than I am. But then again he went to bed at around 3 am.

Anyway since I decided to blog, I wanted to try the WordPress app for the iPhone. It’s pretty straightforward. You can manage comments and create posts on the go (or in my case in bed). It’s very basic though as I don’t think you can really format your posts as you want to. But a cool thing is that you can do a local draft if you dont’t have internet connection and then just publish it when you do. You can also save your posts as a normal draft and format it the way you want when you connect with a computer. That’s really handy if you have an idea for a post then just fine tune it later.

I haven’t really played much with the application but so far it does what it’s supposed to do. I suggest wordpress users download it and try it out. It’s free so there’s nothing to lose if they don’t like it.

Just search the App store for wordpress and voila voilu.

Well, the husband’s awake now and it’s time for breakfast and a bit of quick cleaning since the in-laws are coming over.

Time to get out of bed and work. At 9 am. On a Sunday.

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