Christmas shopping list

8 Dec

This is not a list of things I’d want to receive for Christmas but a list of things I want to give out for Christmas. I know they don’t read my blog anyway so it doesn’t really matter if I give out the information. Besides, these are only potential gifts and might not even be in the final list that will definitely be edited by the husband.

So to start:

For my mom-in-law. She’s not really the fashionista type but she loves colorful stuff. The last time they were in Paris, I had to lend her a small hand bag that she can carry around the city instead of lugging around a big bag full of I don’t know what. So this Christmas it was really easy to think of what to give her. The hard part is choosing the design and all that crazy stuff. We have narrowed down the choices to a couple of small, not too expensive yet chic hand bags.

1. Fossil Modern Cargo Patchwork shopper | 2. Lancel Roll’n Rock | 3. Longchamp Pliage | 4. Desigual Village Bamboo

For the sister-in-law. She will be giving birth in January and she has asked her only brother to get her a ‘chauffe biberon’ as a gift. But the brother thinks this is absolutely useless and will only be considered as clutter. But it’s better to give something that the person really wants at least you know they’ll use it. I also want to get her one of those nice scarves or whatever you call them to carry the baby. I don’t know if she wants to use one of those though. But I think it’s still cute. Definitely more practical than a bulky stroller if you just want to go get some groceries.

Beaba Bib’Expresso – this little one can prepare, heat, and sterilize baby bottles

Je Porte Mon Bebe Echarpe – This “scarf” is super soft and snugly. Don’t mind the baby daddy but isn’t that cute?

Mommy readers, what would you choose?

For the dad-in-law. He has always loved taking pictures with his trusty old 35mm camera. It takes most the space in his wife’s bag whenever they go travel. So this time around, we were thinking of giving him a simple easy to use digital one. Will he actually use it? I hope so. I’ve given him my old digital camera but he has never used it since he didn’t know what kind of memory card to buy. Plus that old one sucks anyway.  There are a lot of digital cameras under 100 €  in the market nowadays so choosing one is a bit complicated, especially with a husband that knows cameras. I think DIL doesn’t need a fancy one to start. Something that runs on rechargeable batteries, a big screen, and easy simple controls will do just fine.

1. Pentax Optio LS1100 | 2. Panasonic Lumix DMC-F4 | 3. Nikon Coolpix S3000 | 4. Kodak Easyshare M530

For MY family. Since I’m not going to see them until March 2011, I’m not gonna rack my brain thinking of presents now. I’ll do that when it’s sale season in January 🙂

I’m still thinking of what to give Grandma-in-law but the husband says a plant should do just fine. But hello!! A plant?!? I’m thinking of giving her something from L’occitane. Maybe some sort of lotion or something. I still have to think that through.

For now, that’s pretty much my immediate Christmas shopping list. And I do hope I get my bonus soon.


2 Responses to “Christmas shopping list”

  1. Michaelangelo Ilagan (@mikeyil) January 18, 2012 at 12:40 am #

    I just wanted to thank you for this blog post. Though completely unrelated, I bought my gf the “Fossil Modern Cargo Patchwork shopper” bag in November 2010 and she, as of today, just tore it. I was able to figure out what it was called by Googling various combinations of Fossil, Patchwork and Handbag and ended up here. So, I’m gonna try and find a replacement for her, as unlikely as it may end up being.

    • xcinthecity January 18, 2012 at 10:45 am #

      Hi Mikey,

      Glad I can help. Lucky girlfriend 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

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