3 Nov

I don’t think I’ll eat anything today just to rid my system of all the glorious food we had over the weekend. As it usually is, this trip was another gastronomical weekend in Dordogne.

I’m going to try to enumerate our meals just to give you an idea.

– zucchini velouté, roasted chicken with ratatouille and rice, tarte tatin with vanilla ice cream

– raclette with tons of cheese and meat, grapefruit clafoutis

– frisee salad with bacon and walnuts, pork, coing and prune stew, more tarte tatin with vanilla ice cream

– roasted chestnuts with hot milk (I ate mine with no milk)

– quiche lorraine, frisee salad with porcini omelette, raspberry crumble with whipped cream

– paté de boudin, normal paté and baked spaghetti

Not to mention tons of bread and butter and jam and chocolates and candies and alcohol.

Good thing we didn’t find really good mushrooms in the forest or we would have eaten that too.

Now it’s back to the real world with plans to exercise (notice I just said plans) and eat healthier…until the next gastronomic weekend that is.

Tonight it’s vegetable soup and beet salad. Major major YUM!

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