5 Oct

I haven’t even received the guitar I ordered online yet and here I am obsessing on another new-ish hobby.

When I was a kid and my dad was working in Cebu, he bought us a guitar and we had guitar lessons that whole summer. My brothers still play the guitar but me, well, I lost interest after maybe two months and all I knew how to play were the first few notes of Tears in Heaven, More than Words, and one or two Eraserhead songs. I thought I would be a super guitar player after 2 lessons, and when I didn’t, I got lazy and lost interest all together.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled into tutorial videos on how to play new cool songs on the guitar and I just had to buy myself a new guitar. I bought one last week and due to delivery problems I still haven’t received it. I’ve looked at hundreds of tutorials on youtube and mentally, I think I can do the songs already. I’m sure I’d get the same frustrated feeling once I get going on the real thing.

But that’s the problem…I haven’t even started the guitar yet that I’m already planning to plunge into a new hobby. Crocheting.

I saw an ad for a crochet magazine the other day. For just 0.99 euros, you have some yarn and the crochet hook. You buy all issues of the magazine and you’ll end up having a nice quilt with the free yarn that goes with each one.  Obviously, that piqued my interest and this afternoon I’m heading over to BHV to get myself some crocheting materials. I don’t even want to know that I hated crochet when we had that as a Home Economics project back in grade school.

Crap, do I have ADD???

Hopefully I stick to both these projects for a longer time than I did before.

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