Where’s the spirit?

4 Oct

I have lost my cooking mojo.

After almost 2 weeks of not cooking any real food, I feel like I don’t have the energy nor creativity to cook anymore. I fell back to the ‘it’s easier to take out’ trap. For a week, we only ate soup (die-it) reasons. So there’s really not much cooking involved there; a casserole, 2 bowls, how easy can it be? Then a weekend for a wedding in Toulouse = good food = no cooking (nor washing) involved. Then a week of restaurants to compensate for the soup week we had. And compensate we did. Then a weekend at the in-laws = no cooking for moi again. Then another week of restaurants, including fast food takeouts (oh, the horror!).

So you can understand how it felt like not having to wash dishes or rack my brains up deciding what to make for dinner. But then I realized that I missed real good food and searching for new and old recipes to make. I just don’t have the energy to do it anymore = hello fall/winter!!

But the in-laws are coming over this week and although they are not picky eaters, I wouldn’t want to serve them frozen pizza. So I need to pick up the game ASAP.

Last night we had grilled duck with sauteed potatoes in blue cheese sauce plus mache and beet salad. It was the first time we really “cooked” in weeks and it was amazingly good to boot!

So here I am searching fo recipes, hoping that my cooking mojo has indeed come back…

I need some inspiration! H-E-L-P!

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