Sweet tooth

10 Aug

To the people who know me, I’m more of a salé girl. It means I’d rather chew on a hard piece of saucisson sec than buy a bag of extra sour gummy worms (that’s the husband’s job).  But lately I have been eating major amounts of sugar. My breakfast cereal is crunchy oats with shavings of dark chocolate, everytime I touch the brioche at home my hand automatically goes out to reach for the Nutella, and I recently bought a whole box of chocolate covered donuts filled with chocolate cream. It didn’t help that I only ate ice cream and rice crispies covered in chocolate in Bruges and the only museum we visited over there was the chocolate museum.

Can you spell diabetes?

I miss saucisson sec and brie with a good baguette. But according to my doctor I can’t have those.

If a heart attack won’t kill me, then diabetes probably will.


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