It was a very long week

16 Jul

The title says it all. A very very long week. If you live in Paris, you’d notice that since a few days ago, there are fewer people in the streets (the tourists don’t count), less in the metro and absolutely no one in the offices. That’s right, les vacances have started and the sun has just checked back in. Everyone is on vacation, except me. And it didn’t help that this week is the 14 Juillet (Bastille day) week which is France’s national holiday, the day, not the week. And everyone who works for a normal company had this day off (read: the husband) and some of them decided to take the major pont between Wednesday and the weekend (read: the husband).

Long story short, I was home alone for 3 days. Oh, did I mention I was alone at the office during those days too?

Needless to say, it got very boring at times and my head wasn’t really into doing a lot of work. I was able to do a lot of work at home though, odd is that? Anyhoos, time passed by oh so ever slowly, minute after minute, counting the hours until this evening.

And now I am one hour away from freedom!!!

In one hour, I will leave the office, do a bit of shopping, go back home, water the plants, do the final check of my packed bag, and take the train to the beach, oh, and to see the husband too of course! I soooooo deserve this long weekend.

Hopefully this will not be the longest one hour of my life.


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