The Heavy Truth

17 Mar

We don’t have a weighing scale at home. I think it’s partly because we don’t want to be reminded on how much weight we gain every single day. The other part is that and because we’re too lazy and cheap to actually buy a weighing scale, but that’s another story.

I always say I need to lose weight or exercise but it’s all just lip service. I bought running outfits because I wanted to start a running routine. I even downloaded a running program. I only ran once.

I bought a yoga mat and got yoga videos. The yoga mat is still in the cabinet in it’s original wrapping.

I said I’d swim more but it really is just super boring.

Then there’s the cheese, pastries, yummy duck dishes smothered with duck grease and the lazy nights filled with pasta, pasta and more pasta.

For lunch on our recent trip to Toulouse we had a salad with smoked magre de canard, jamon serrano, walnuts and a generous slice of home made foie gras for starters. For the main dish, a 250 gram 4cm steak with fries and more salad on the side, and an ile flottant beautifully floating on a heaping serving of creme anglaise. I almost died finishing it but at least I would have died happy…

Until I stepped on our friend’s weighing scale and reality smacked me in the face.

Now instead of snacking on candy bars and chocolates and chips, it’s going to be tomatoes or carrots or fruits. Pasta will be put on hold for a while (until Sicily at least) for healthier easy to cook alternatives. I know I will not be able to give up cheese and all that yummy duck fat so I’ll have half sized servings instead. I have also remotivated myself to weekly runs and swims now that the weather is getting better.

Bikini body for summer…here I come!!

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