Registered voter

5 Mar

On May 10, 2010 millions of Filipinos will be flocking to voting stations to cast their votes for all governement positions. From the president down to city councilor. I however will not be one of those people…because I have it better.

First, I don’t have to wait until May 10 and second, I can vote from my own warm sheepskin covered armchair at home. No need to fall in line under the scorching Manila sun to have indelible ink marked on my well manicured cuticles. I got my ballot in the mail!! And all I need is to fill in the names and affix my right thumb mark (like in all Filipino documents), seal it and send it back to the embassy.

It’s my second time to vote as an overseas absentee voter, actually it’s my 2nd time to vote, period. I was in the country for the last local elections but never bothered. I like voting for the big guns. And as an OAV-er we only vote for the president, vice-president, 12 senators, and a party list.

And this year’s elections seems like a great big circus full of controversies. For the first time, automated voting machines will be used.But the best part is the candidates themselves. So F-U-N. I like reading about them bashing each other out and reading about their supporters bashing other supporters for their choices. I wish I was there to see baby James do the moonwalk so his tito Noy would have lots and lots of voters. I’d also like to see what outfit Nikki would wear in the next Gibo sortie. I also want to see if Villar’s hair is really nicely cut and colored. But alas, I cannot. But I can vote for my guy. I hope he wins even if it seems like it’s a long shot.

Now where is that inkpad?


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