Out with the old, in with the new

5 Mar

Finally!! After months of not back aches and cranky mornings we are now able to have a real good night’s sleep. We’ve switched G’s old springy mattress for a really good quality Coco Latex Futon from LesFutons.com. “What?” I hear you say. Yes, that’s right. We ordered a futon over the internet.

We’re not total fools, by the way. We were actually able to  try the coco latex futon at one of our friends’ place. She was the one who told us that it was great and she let us try it for ourselves. So one night, after a hearty raclette dinner, we settled into her new high quality futon. It was surprisingly hard yet comfortable at the same time. And whadyaknow, we were up without any complaints early the next morning. And so that was it. We wanted a futon. It became more official when G said that our bed frame was actually designed for a futon.

But I didn’t know much about it since my old mattress at home was the springy foam type. After a bit of research, I found out that the coco latex futons are 100% natural and naturally mold resistant as well. The material “breathes” and so it’s cool in the summer and warm and cozy in winter. It also provides really good back support which, for me, is essential. All those are true, well, we haven’t tried if it’s really cooler in the summer though but overall, we are happy with our choice.

I now wake up refreshed and, seriously, with no aches at all. G doesn’t snore as much because he’s comfortable in bed = I’m more comfortable in bed, not that his snoring ever bothered me anyway.

I say more people should consider getting futons as mattresses.

We also need to get rid of our old one which has taken the space of our itty bitty entrance hallway. The good thing about Paris is that you can just put your old stuff on the street and a team from the city goes around to pick it up…or someone else would probably pick it up. But an old dirty mattress…ummm, I’d rather the city team pick it up. I think they pass by our place every 2nd Tuesday of the month.

goodbye old loyal mattress

Now if only I can get G to get rid of his old tshirts…

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