Oh la la, no bra

5 Mar

When I saw the headline say Les seins de Carla font scandale (Carla’s breasts make a scandal), I just had to say tsk tsk, whatever. It’s not as if half the country hasn’t seen the first lady’s goodies. Type in Carla Bruni nude on Google and you’ll get at least 100,000 hits. Plus, she has got the looks and the body to pull it off. I say, when you’ve got it, flaunt it.

But of course she’s the wife of the president of France now and one would think that she’ll be more conservative, after all, her husband is the head of the right-wing party.

Is going to a state dinner without one’s undies a big no no? What if it’s a super tight fitting backless dress? Would bra lines be more of a faux pas than nipples poking every now and then?

You be the judge:

photo credit: http://www.slate.fr

Yes, she’s pretty and sexy but is it appropriate? Do you think her husband told her to go change because she’s too sexy?

Hell no! He wants the whole world to see that he’s tapping that…and you aren’t.

Link to the French article Les seins de Carla font scandale here.

Link to the English article from Times Online here.


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